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 Maybe this is how life looks to you right now:


  •  Have you lost your confidence, unable to take the next step? 

  •  Do you wake up in the early hours with thoughts whirling around in your head??

  •  Are you constantly stressed, overwhelmed and overloaded?

  •  Are your relationships  difficult instead of rewarding and supportive ?

  • Do you think it's too late to change?

  •  Do you feel unworthy and struggle with self-doubt, low self esteem or insecurity?

  • Are you ready to be honest with yourself?

If you have answered YES to any of those questions, you definitely have something in common with me and my personal coaching clients.


As your coach I will guide you 

" Imagine the most perfect person you could be or would like to become. No matter how perfect, it pales in comparison to who you already really are."

                                                                                       Chip Chipman.

Transformative conversations are different; my approach is different because I work from the inside -out, helping you wake up to who you really are and the amazing system that has got your back. There are a lot of techniques and strategies around that are designed to tackle outside problems and behaviours directly, but that just gives you a whole lot more to do. I want to take stuff off your mind so that the innocent misunderstandings that keep those problems in place, just fall away. With a quieter mind, there is space to figure things out, clarity to see the way forward. You do know that you have so much more to offer and I am going to guide you in the right direction, to the realisation that however you might be feeling right now, you are more than enough.

You Are Already Awesome.

Transformative Conversations

Conversations Change Lives.

 One conversation can be the first step on a journey of transformation.  Sometimes  just a few words, or a sentence or two can land in such a way that they stay in your head and nothing seems the same anymore. These days conversations come in many forms; texts, messages, emails, posts on social media, but it doesn't really matter. Something grabs your attention, you take a second look or the words initiate an action.  A simple post on social media, from a friend I'd almost lost touch with, caused me to make contact and ask a question.  Which set off a chain of events that quite simply changed my life and eventually landed me here, talking to you. I am so pleased to be here and I  absolutely can't wait to meet you and see what our conversations lead to.  

If you'd like to have a conversation about where you are right now, and where you like to be, or even who you would like to be!  Get in touch.  That's first step and  probably the hardest; but go on, you've really got nothing to lose and maybe, just maybe we would have a conversation that starts a  life changing transformation for you.

Then if we decide we can work together, we will make a plan. There are several options available, regular 1:2:1 meetings in person at my cottage, or a walk and talk if you fancy it.  (I firmly believe Mother Nature has a lot to offer).  Or at a venue of your choice or remotely by internet or phone. Either way it all starts with that first contact.  You don't have to stay stuck and the incredible truth is that you are so much closer to the answers you seek than you realise.

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