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No Negative Connotations Here !

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

It's Chinese New Year! The Year of the Rabbit, 🐇 which apparently is the luckiest of all the zodiac animals. Luck aside, I've been reading about Chinese New Year taboos, did you know that it's bad luck to clean, or sweep or throw out the rubbish today, or take a shower?

And all words with negative connotations are absolutely forbidden!

Ok, so carefully choosing my words, 2 super positive things to tell you......

1. SAVE THE DATE! January 31st 2023. National Backwards Day.

Yes, it's true, and it's not just about wearing your shirt back to front, it's an opportunity to see how reversing our ways and our direction can be fun and fruitful. So it's the perfect date for my Free Webinar:

Horses, Kids and A Piece of Paper. During the webinar, I will share my experience of seeing life from a different direction, how horses, kids and a piece of paper helped me along the way and the positive impact that had on my life. The 30/40min presentation will be followed by a Q&A..

You are invited to a Zoom meeting. When: Jan 31, 2023 07:30 PM London Register in advance for this meeting: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

2. SAVE ANOTHER DATE! There are still a few places left for my Group Programme

Less Stress In '23 which kicks off on Monday 6 Feb 2023.

Positive comments from previous participants include:

⭐️ “I've let go of my micromanaging and just let things be. I feel more confident in being able to just be. “

⭐️ “ I don’t have to believe all my thoughts, especially the the thoughts that take me down the angry road, it’s brilliant! “

⭐️ “I stopped stressing about what I think people think of me."

⭐️ “It’s incredible, I actually slept right through to the alarm. I never get a good nights sleep!”

⭐️ "99% of my worries about are completely made up in my head, and never happen“

⭐️ "The best thing about the programme is there’s nothing to do!"

⭐️ “Thank you, I feel so much better. Glad I did the course, looking forward to the next one. ”

It's a 6 week course, you get a 10 minute audio to listen to in your own time, every Monday, followed by a Zoom Group Coaching call the following Thursday at 7PM GMT.

AND in between calls you get personal support from me AND there is a private Facebook group if you'd care to connect with like minded people.

All for £79 or optional payment plan.

Absolutely no negative connotations in any of that!

All you need to do is click on the link for full details and to enrol. Grab A Place Here!

Right Oh! I was going to have a clean up, but that's not allowed so off for a walk in the sunshine.

Happy New Chinese New Year!

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