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  Sharon came recommended through the wife of a work colleague, who described  her as "an extraordinarily ordinary woman who works miracles!"   Working with someone on a 1:2:1 basis seemed logical so we set up a call. I don't remember much of what was said, but I do remember that afterwards I felt better, more optimistic. 

      I have been working now with Sharon for the past 6 months, the only regret I have is that I didn't start sooner.  The work was not at all what I expected but the results have profoundly impacted all areas of my life.    The best thing about the whole experience is that I have discovered that it is not about changing my circumstances or situations.  Which is often impossible to do anyway.  I realise that it's easy to get stuck in a trap of seeing things a certain way,  when actually there is always potential to do things differently.

I would not hesitate to recommend working with Sharon, and I look forward to continuing our partnership to see what unfolds.

J. C. Reeve.   May 2022

I have suffered from stress, anxiety and depression for most of my adult life. I have have tried various therapies and techniques: NLP, CBT, Mindfulness, Counselling, Meditation and Medication. Some of these things worked for a while, but involved much managing and controlling of my behaviour. What Sharon has shown me is that I have the power within me. I have always had it, I just couldn’t see it. I didn’t know it existed. With her guidance I have discovered a whole new way of living my life. Stress free, anxiety free. Do yourself a favour and call her.

Chris W.      March 22

Sharon is fantastic, she is personable, encouraging and uplifting. She has helped me with multiple aspects of my life and has always given a positive step forward when situations can feel a bit helpless. I found the regular sessions with Sharon has opened up my mind and given me a plan to move forward.

Amelia H.   January 22

 Sharon has completely changed the way I think. Literally. From uncomfortable conflicts with family members and relationship hurdles to challenging career goals and work environments, I have overcome disputes, negativity and a lack of self confidence in a short time. I have rediscovered the true feeling of wellbeing, built the resilience to keep chasing my dreams and have a stronger connection with my loved ones and more importantly, myself.

Natasha. Dec 2021


I really cannot thank Sharon enough. I have come such a long way and this is all down to Sharon's calm clear manner. She has been patient when I needed it and also pushed me to step outside my comfort zone when I needed that little (but firm) nudge!

Her knowledge is endless and she always goes above and beyond.

J.Walsh  July 2020

I can genuinely say as a parent I feel this time with Sharon has been life changing for my son and myself. The iheart programme helped him manage the wait, challenge and uncertainty of A-level results day. I believe the sessions helped him develop a deeper strength of mind, he is ready to tap into his insight to start a new chapter of life with new found confidence.

Mrs. S Johnson Motyl - Headteacher Aug 2021

Marble Surface

“I started the iheart programme because I was not in a good mental space. The course is fun with a range of different activities and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have felt so much happier with myself and understand that it doesn't matter what people say, I know that inside I will be ok." 

Lucas - Age 18  Aug 2021


I found the iheart course to be personally inspiring and rewarding, even as a parent of teenage children. Sharon introduced a range of topics that challenged both myself and my daughter in a positive and inspiring way, carefully explaining and exploring basic principles and equipping us us with a greater understanding and confidence to look after our our wellbeing. It is likely to be an enduring mindset for us both.

Phil - Parent  Aug 2021


I found the iHeart sessions with Sharon challenged many of my perceptions of my anxiety. I learnt a lot about how to reframe my thoughts and it was reassuring to discover that well-being is always there. The most important thing I will take forward from my sessions is that my thoughts influence my feelings, so I’m working hard on ensuring my inner voice is more positive. I found the sessions helpful and would recommend them.

Amelie Age 16  Aug 2021

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