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Licensed Parelli Professional™ Sharon Crabbe
Based at HorsePlay Central, just outside Cirencester in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside between Swindon and Cheltenham, Sharon is a Professional 3 Star Parelli Instructor who teaches natural horse training in throughout Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Avon and all over the UK.

The Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program is a holistic approach to natural horse training, based on developing a positive relationship with your horse through common sense, communication techniques and equine psychology.

Horses are the ultimate prey animal and have a highly developed flight instinct. In Pat Parelli ’s words “ Horses are perceptive to danger, people, places, changes and things”, their first defence is to run away. To the horse, movement is Life.

Horses are also highly sociable herd animals, living in a group gives them the best chance of survival in nature. They are natural followers, and look to the leader of the herd who maintains authority of the group by controlling its movement.

Humans are predators by nature, the ultimate predator because of our reasoning ability and use of tools which makes us very effective. So how can two naturally incompatible species form positive successful relationships? Horses are not afraid of predators, they are afraid of predatory behaviour. So by understanding and mimicking the behaviour of horses, humans can learn to do what horses do.

Are you struggling with catching, spooking, rearing, bucking or maybe have difficulties with trailer loading? Problems riding out alone or worried in the company of other horses? Biting, kicking, striking or or just won’t stand still? Do you have confidence issues on the ground or in the saddle?

Learn to work with your horse, not against him. Savvy is knowing where to be, when to be, why to be and what to do when you get there, in any given moment or situation. When you understand the world through the eyes of a horse, everyday training problems just melt away and your horse becomes a willing partner.
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Sharon is endorsed by Pat Parelli to teach ground and ridden skills and committed to empowering her students to accelerate their learning in a Positive Progressive and Natural way, whatever their level of experience. To hear some success stories from Sharon’s students please visit her Testimonials Page.

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