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My journey isn't just a tale; it's a testament to transformation, and it's why I'm confident I can guide you through your own journey. Life has woven an intricate tapestry for me, one filled with extraordinary experiences and profound lessons. Friends often jest that my life deserves a book, and while I won't dive into every chapter here, I've seldom found myself bored. However, I've known worry, stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Enter horses. They've been more than companions; they've been my greatest teachers. Their wisdom guided me into coaching, a path that began in the realm of professional equestrian sports. Initially, my focus lay on training horses rather than people. Yet, I soon realized that being a skilled horseman required profound personal growth. As a natural horsemanship trainer, I found that many "horse problems" were, in fact, rooted in human issues. Thus began a journey of mutual understanding, where humans learned to see the world through the eyes of a horse, fostering self-awareness and nurturing a partnership built on communication and psychology. Teaching humans to converse with horses transformed lives—of the horse, the student, and myself.

This journey naturally led me to equine-assisted learning. In 2014, I trained as a facilitator with TheHorseCourse, a charity renowned for high-impact interventions. Alongside a dedicated team, I established centres in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, delivering transformative courses like The ReStart to individuals of all ages.

Despite my efforts to support others, I grappled with my own mental health. Stress and anxiety manifested in physical ailments, from IBS to migraines. Therapy provided temporary relief, but it was the discovery of The Three Principles by Sydney Banks that truly changed everything. This Inside-Out Understanding revolutionized my perspective on life, ushering in a newfound ease and clarity. I realized that my experience of life stemmed from within, and that inherent well-being cannot be lost or tarnished—it's like the ever-present sun, waiting to be revealed.


With this understanding, life became simpler, brighter. Stress and worry waned, and antidepressants became a thing of the past. Peace-of-mind, more love, more joy, more fun—this became my reality.  

"Already Awesome" isn't just a catchphrase; it's a tribute to the profound shift I underwent, highlighting that EVERYONE possesses the potential to unveil their innate well-being and embrace their awesomeness.


Since 2017, I've immersed myself in a vibrant community of coaches,  mentors, and extraordinary, ordinary people, all touched by the Inside-Out Understanding. Together, we continue to explore and share this transformative wisdom, and I invite you to join us.

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I am a Certified iheart Facilitator for iheart Principles, a registered charity who specialise in Wellbeing and Resilience  programmes for young people and families.

 A Certified Rewilder Guide, having trained with  Rohini and Angus Ross of  

The Rewilders, specialising in relationship services.

An Equine Facilitated Practitioner with TheHorseCourse & Athena Herd

A Teacher on Insight Timer

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