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 A Bit About Me .....


Not the full story but I do want you to know where I am coming from and how my life has changed, because that is how I know I can help you. There's no getting away from the fact that all in all I have had a pretty amazing life. On occasions when I share a personal anecdote with friends they often say something like, "Hey, you should write book!".  But don't worry, you are not about get chapter and verse, let's just say that I have rarely been bored.  I have however, been worried, stressed, anxious and depressed.  


I have to mention horses. I always felt that I was my best self when working with my horses, they taught me some invaluable life lessons and ultimately they have led me here, because  my coaching career began as a professional equestrian sports coach.

Initially I was more interested in training the horses than the people, but I knew from my own experience that being a halfway decent horseman (or woman) involved a lot of personal development. As a natural horsemanship trainer, often people would come to me with "horse problems" which inevitably would turn out to be the horse having "human problems". The transformation always started with the human learning to view the world from the horses perspective and then becoming more self aware. Then adjustments would be made from both sides, using communication and psychology to develop a partnership.  Teaching a human how to have a conversation with a horse was a life changing experience, for horse, student and coach.


It was a natural progression from this to become involved in equine assisted learning, in 2014 I trained as a facilitator with TheHorseCourse, a registered charity based in Dorset, and a world leader in high impact equine-assisted interventions, helping people when talking therapy hasn't worked. With an amazing team of dedicated supporters, I set up a centre in Gloucestershire and 18 months later, another in Wiltshire, delivering the flagship course The ReStart  to young people from age 8, families and adults.




In spite of everything I was doing to help other people,  I had my own struggles with mental health;  inevitably stress and anxiety leads to physical problems; IBS, alopecia, migraines.  Various therapies and counselling improved things but only in the short term.  I had developed various coping mechanisms, the main one was keeping very busy. I always had  some project on the go, keeping me distracted and  giving me an excuse to be stressed.  I hid my struggles too, most of the time.  At least, until I couldn't. When a "bad patch" became, an unable to cope at all patch,  anti- depressants seemed to be the only solution.

So, what changed?

EVERYTHING!  Everything changed when I stumbled across the work of Sydney Banks and his discovery of The Three Principles in the field of psychology. Also know as the Inside-Out Understanding, I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking, about well, everything! 

It didn't happen overnight, but life just somehow got easier.  I wasn't even sure why to start with, and I certainly couldn't explain or articulate what was different.  But I saw something new and it was to do with a realisation that my experience of life was just that, MY EXPERIENCE.   It came from me, from inside me.............. 

And then, the real light bulb moment, the truth bomb when I also realised that I was ok. That I had always been OK.  It was my default, my base line, mental wellbeing is innate! It can't be lost, broken or stolen. A bit like the sun really.... it's always there, waiting to be uncovered!   The implications of this was far-reaching.  It's difficult to describe just how huge an impact this had on me.  But everything looked different, like I had new eye, and life just got easier.

Yes, I'll say it again, LIFE JUST GOT EASIER!

 Less stress and worry,  no more anti depressants.


I'm guessing you can see where " Already Awesome" has come from.


During past 5 years I have met, talked, studied and worked within a incredible coaches and mentors and become part of a growing community of people who have all been touched by this Inside-Out Understanding.

I am a Certified iheart Facilitator for iheart Principles, a registered charity who specialise in Wellbeing and Resilience  programmes for young people and families.

I am also a Certified Rewilder Guide, having trained with  Rohini and Angus Ross of  

The Rewilders, specialising in relationship services.

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