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Coaching is a collaborative process, a partnership designed to help you transform your personal and professional  life, FOREVER.

Fundamentally, the success of the partnership depends on YOU and what you bring to the process.  You are here because you want change, you have an open mind and heart, and a willingness to be challenged. You are committed to overcome, achieve or create. 


My role is to support and guide you, through ongoing conversations and resources and to point you in a new direction, to uncover something that you have not yet seen.

I am passionate about coaching and continue to work on my own development to deliver the most impact to my clients.

I am only interested in clients who are committed to change.

I care deeply about  this work and my clients, I’m totally committed to them.

I guarantee a confidential, non-judgemental, safe space.

Think You'd Like to Work With Me?

"I really value and enjoy my coaching sessions with Sharon, it is time for just me - away from my busy life - to slow down and reflect and to understand myself more deeply.Sharon is warm and insightful and invites a curiosity to let go of what we think we know and be open to experiencing something more."

   A.B. Norfolk, UK

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