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Interested in 1:1 support?

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Video Consultation

Just 3 simple steps to find out more

  1. Contact:  Get in touch!  Send me a message here and  tell me what you would like help with.

  2. Connect: I will get back to you with an overview of how I can help and to arrange a first appointment. .

  3. Conversation: A free exploratory conversation  Allow up to 45 minutes. 

The first conversation is free. 

 You get to explain your situation, and tell me what you are looking for. When I understand more and if I feel I can help,  I explain how I like to work. It’s an opportunity for us to see if working together feels like a good fit, and importantly,  an opportunity  for YOU to begin to get  some insight and clarity to enable you to move forward.

“When you change the way you see things, the things you see change”.    

Wayne Dyer


This first free conversation is normally conducted online, via zoom.


If you decide you want more…..

After the initial session, if we decide between us that having more time and space to explore, reflect and dive deeper into this work, there are further options available. Clients may choose whether they want to experience those online, via zoom, or take up the opportunity for some in person sessions, details below.


Coaching Packages

 I offer a variety of coaching packages to suit your budget and needs.

Packages are tailored to suit and may be  3, 6 or 12 month programmes

Sessions maybe 60 or 90 minutes long

and include the following benefits :

  • I'm available via  message me  at any time during my working hours.

  •  A 15 – 20 minute call between sessions if something urgent comes up.

Prices for packages range from £1497 - £3840

Introductory Programme - 6 x up to 60 min sessions: £797

For a specific aspect of life that you'd like support with 

 One - Off  Laser Session - £149

90 minutes session to help you get more clarity

In Person Programmes.

If you’d rather meet in person, we can explore options for a venue, or  join me for a ‘Walk and Talk' session, and a wander around Wiltshire’s wilder place.  Fresh air and fresh thinking. Nature can be a great setting for clear thinking and improved focus.  










Another Option Would Be  To Get

Up Close and Personal with an Equine Encounter. 

"Equine Encounter" -  Combining equine interaction and conversation. Horses have been my most influential teachers,  an engaging with these magnificent animals can be a          profound life changing experience.     (No prior experience of horses necessary)

Single 2 Hour Taster Session: £197.

Programme of  4 x 2 hour sessions: £697


Full Day Intensive. Up to 6 hours £597

    Spend the morning with the horses, take a  break for lunch,  followed by an afternoon of conversation, reconnecting with our innate mental health. 


           The above fees are for advance payment.   Instalment plans available 


"I was very nervous to start this journey, but Sharon was supportive and reassuring. She took things at my pace, allowed me time and space to reflect but guided me to see my life differently. With this regular support, I was able to see my life and potential in a fresh way and improve all aspects of my life. I’ll never be the same again, thank you Sharon."

          M.P.  Dorset, UK

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