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Already Awesome !

Already Awesome……. Wow! That's quite a statement, especially when it’s said by me to me, about me!

For decades I had struggled with what health professionals labelled depression and anxiety, apparently due to traumatic events that had happened to me in childhood and as a young adult. Various therapies over the years had provided relief, but never really sustainable. I developed all sorts of coping mechanisms, but fundamentally believed my diagnosis. I was pretty much resigned to taking prescribed drugs, I even remember getting excited about Prozac back in the day! I was seen as damaged and that became my identity, a story about who I was. The thoughts and emotions I had were bad, but understandable because I was basically broken.

I tried hard to banish these “negative” thoughts, bury the “ bad” emotions and put a brave face on it, for the most part I succeeded, although it surfaced in other ways; migraines, IBS, alopecia, to name a few. Several times it overwhelmed me and I shut down, unable to function. Locked inside my own head, literally terrified. But eventually I would remerge, pick up again and get on with my life. Which did make me curious. After all, if I was broken, why didn’t I stay broken? How did that happen? I kept searching, looking for answers.

Then, few years ago I came across something called The Three Principles, I didn’t realise it at the time but it was the start of a whole new journey. The first realisation on that journey was that the thoughts and emotions that I experienced were PERFECTLY NORMAL. And not just the good ones, but all of them. That thoughts and emotions are simply the human experience, and well, the human experience can get pretty messy sometimes. But thoughts and emotions do not need to be categorised into good and bad, or negative and positive, they are neutral. And we certainly don’t need to medicalise the human experience.

The second realisation was that all the time I had been searching for my peace of mind, my resilience, my security, my mental well being, I had simply been looking in the wrong direction. I’d had been looking Outside of myself, when all the time it there, Within Me, just hidden beneath the clouds of insecure thinking. This was the most amazing, life changing insight. It literally hit me between the eyes and turned my life around. I had never been damaged, or broken or mentally ill. I just thought I was. Everything I had ever needed had always and would always be there for me. I began to see that maybe there was a logical answer to my “How Come I Didn’t Stay Broken?” question.

Can you imagine the difference that made? To see myself as unbroken, healthy and frankly quite amazing. Awesome in fact! The story I believed, about me was just that, a story, a creation. Which also meant I could create something new. And al the time I had been searching it was right there, I already had everything I needed.

Are you beginning to understand the statement that I began with ? To get a sense of what I'm seeing? It’s quite a turnabout from where I used to be. What about you? Are you ready to login to your awesomeness?

This is a journey of discovery, of waking up to who you really are. This newsletter is my conversation starter, my way of inviting you to join me, to just receive my ramblings even if you do roll your eye to start with!

Aren't you just a little curious? You've nothing to lose and so much to gain, I promise you.

Because I’m saying it again "Already Awesome " and I’m saying it about You!

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