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Do You Really Know What You Want?

Have you been inundated with emails telling you how to make 2023 your best year yet and achieve all your goals?

I know I have. It was expected, but it did make me reluctant to send any similar emails promising fail-safe solutions to getting what you want in 2023.

It did raise a question though;

Do You Really Know What You Actually Want?

Only I realised something a while back, that when I really want something, it tends to happen. Like meeting my daughter for an adventure in Cuba earlier this year, or joining a Rock Choir. Whereas there are many things I thought I wanted, but didn’t really, (like learning to play the piano, or take up kick boxing – both of which I toyed with but never came to anything).

Thing is, it’s really useful to take some time to get clear on the things you really want. So if you’re interested in a suggestion about how to get clarity on that, read on. Otherwise, I’d just like to wish you Happy New Year!)

  1. Get comfy with a blank piece of paper, a pen and make a list of all the things you want this year; improved relationships, reduced stress, change job, write a book, go travelling, or any "stuff" that is on wish list. Include all things you want to do/have.

  2. Go make a cuppa, then return to your list. Getting some space from your list is good.

  3. Re-read it honestly, and cross off anything that you realise YOU don’t actually want, but someone else wants it for you. (maybe your partner wants it or your Mum wants it for you).

  4. Prioritise the remaining items on your list, the thing you most want – really, really, really, want at the top, to the one you want the least. In the next step, you are going to focus on the top three items.

  5. Prioritising might be a challenge, so you coud try this: write each item on a post-it note; then move them around until it feels right. Then decide what you can THROW AWAY until you only have 3 left.

  6. When you’re down to three items, it’s time to celebrate, or make another cuppa.

  7. Now you can focus on those 3 items. Take another blank sheet of paper and describe or draw them in detail. What can you see? What do they tell you about yourself? Are they related in some way? What will they bring you if you get them?

This exercise could be helping you to understand what it is you actually want and give you clarity on how to go about it.

Interested in taking it further? Book A Free Breakthrough Call

We'll spend some time helping you identify what it is you actually want in 2023 and figuring out what your next step is.

Give the exercise a go – you’ll get so much more out of the call for having completed this exercise first!

Have A Wonderful 2023!

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