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Staying Awake.....

I was asked a great question today. I was invited to speak at a business networking event and during the Q & A, I was asked, "what did you mean when you said you woke up......"

I guess I talk about waking up all the time, because before it's like I was sleep walking through life. Waking up to see where our experience of life really comes from, or waking up to this new understanding of our true nature, waking up to the illusion of life. It's something I say, because it really does feel like waking up.

Saying that you've woken up, must mean that you were asleep before.

The thing is, that even though I have woken up to a new understanding, I still fall asleep a lot. It's kinda difficult to stay awake all the time!

When you are asleep, you are really not conscious of what's going on. You're gone, in the dark, dead to the world. I sometimes nod off watching the telly, right in the middle of a drama, then I suddenly wake up, muttering , "huh...what happened, what did I miss?" as I feel down the side of the sofa for the remote so I can rewind.

Well, that's what waking up to this new understanding is like. You wake up, but you fall asleep again. Or another way of looking at it, is that you remember and then you forget. That's just kind of how it works.

Being asleep is when you forget that your experience of life comes from the Inside - Out. Being asleep is when it looks like that upcoming interview is making you anxious, or your kids are driving you crazy, or the commute home stresses you out. That's when you're asleep. When you're stuck in your head, believing your thoughts, believing that what happens to us on the outside determines our experience on the inside.

You're asleep...... then suddenly you wake up again, the lights are on and you're back in the present. You realise the anxious feeling is because you've disappeared down a thinking rabbit hole about what might happen in the future if you do or don't get the job. The kids are just being kids and getting stuck in traffic is great for catching up on that podcast. It's kind of like that all the time. You wake up, you fall asleep, you remember, you forget..

And this is the human experience, but imagine if you'd never woken to the magic at all. Falling asleep or forgetting about something is still a million times better than never knowing. You can't forget or remember something you didn't know in the first place. The truly awesome thing about waking up to it in the first place is this: Life suddenly gets easier, less serious somehow. You're much more forgiving, towards yourself and others about whatever you were thinking, or doing while you away in dream land..........

And you can smile at yourself and go, Aha. Yeah, okay. I was asleep. I forgot , but I've remembered again.

Hmmm I wonder, is there such a thing as an Awakener as an occupation? Maybe I could add it to my job description. I am on a mission, a waking up mission, to share with as many people who care to know. To stay curious and open to understanding more too.

Are You Sleep Walking Through Life?

That lightbulb moment!

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